the melatones
Acknowledges    (Anthony Gregory)
After Words    (Anthony Gregory)
Always Coming Down    (Anthony Gregory)
Any Words You Say    (Anthony Gregory)
Aphrodite    (Lewis Ames)
Back and Forth    (Anthony Gregory)
Before    (Anthony Gregory)
Campaign for Soma    (Lewis Ames)
Canned Sanctuary    (Anthony Gregory)
Death by Procedure    (Anthony Gregory)
Drop Out    (Anthony Gregory)
Fade    (Lewis Ames)
Fighting the Wind    (Anthony Gregory)
Fly    (Lewis Ames)
Fremont    (Anthony Gregory)
He Is I    (Anthony Gregory)
Hey There    (Anthony Gregory)
Hold Me Down    (Anthony Gregory)
Jacoby    (Anthony Gregory)
Little Lamb's Eyes    (Anthony Gregory)
Mirrored Mask    (Lewis Ames)
My Moon    (Anthony Gregory)
Namesake    (Anthony Gregory)
Nightingale    (Anthony Gregory)
Obsession    (Anthony Gregory)
Okay    (Anthony Gregory)
Ouroboros    (Lewis Ames)
Pistachios    (Anthony Gregory)
Pleasures of Life    (Anthony Gregory)
Prime Time    (Anthony Gregory)
Questions of Reality    (Anthony Gregory)
Salutary Neglect    (Anthony Gregory)
Shaked    (Anthony Gregory)
Sleep    (Anthony Gregory)
Soapbox Rebuttal    (Anthony Gregory)
Something About You    (Anthony Gregory)
Somewhere in the Dark    (Anthony Gregory)
Sugar    (Anthony Gregory)
Sword of Astrea    (Anthony Gregory)
The 'Ol Dusty Trail    (Lewis Ames)
Today Is the Day    (Anthony Gregory)
Under the Influence    (Anthony Gregory)
Why Don't You Call Me?    (Anthony Gregory)
Writer's Block II    (Anthony Gregory)
You and Me    (Anthony Gregory)